Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the fire victims, the family of Firefighter Jerome Guise who lost his life in selfless service to his community, and the Mount Holly Springs Fire Department on the loss of one of their members.

February 2020 Stats

Here are the February 2020 Call Stats:

Calls: 36 YTD: 63
Borough Calls: 5 YTD: 10
Jobs: 4 YTD: 5
Pins: 0 YTD: 0
Total Manpower 127 YTD: 223
Average Crew: 4 YTD: 4
Hours In Service: 18 hrs 45 min YTD: 34 hrs 02 min
Engine Calls: 18 YTD: 29
Rescue Calls: 23 YTD: 40
Utility Calls: 1 YTD: 1
OIC Calls 0 YTD: 0
Fire Police Calls: 1 YTD: 1
Busiest Day: Thursday with 8
Busiest Time: 1600-2400 with 16
Busiest Box: Steelton (50) with 10

Top Five Responders:
FF. D. Schaeffer with 31
FF. S. Schaeffer with 22
Capt. M. Lemmon with 19
FF. S Clark with 18
Chief J. Tinari with 16

2-14-2020 Fire Police

Paxtang Fire Police responded to a hit and run on Paxtang Ave and Simpson. Control was turned over to PD.

2-13-2020 Penbrook WSF

Paxtang Fire Company assisted Penbrook at a WSF. Engine 40 Responded with a crew of 5 and was tasked with secondary search of the second floor. Once complete the crew began overhaul on the same floor and found it necessary to conduct fire suppression after uncovering walls. Crew was on scene for 2 hour and 40 minutes.

2-6-2020 Harrisburg WSF

Paxtang Fire Company was called to assist Harrisburg City Fire on Emerald St. Engine 40 Responded with a crew of 5 and was tasked with overhaul of the second floor while the Engine Supplied Truck 32 with a water source.


Paxtang Fire Company Responded to 34-8 to operate a tanker fill site for a fire on Cider Press Rd. Engine 40 responded with a crew of 4 assisting tanker crews.


Fire Police Responded to the underpass of Paxtang Parkway to assist with traffic control regarding a Truck and Trailer accident.

01/01/2020 Walnut St WSF

Paxtang Fire Company was dispatched to 32-1 box to aid at a fire on Walnut St. Engine 40 Responded with a crew of 5, picking up a hydrant assignment while manpower checked exposure’s and also the basement of the structure.


As of January 2020 Paxtang Fire Company’s leadership structure is as follows

Borough Appointed:

Chief- John Tinari
Deputy Chief- Will Skinner

Executive Officers:

President- Tom Leach
VP- Kacey Fry
Secretary- Dan Schaeffer
Treasurer- Sabrina Schaeffer
Senior Trustee- Steve Clark
Trustee- Karl Rapp
Trustee- Travis Frankenfield

Line Officers:

Captain- Matthew Lemmon
Lieutenant- Anthony Nickle

May 2019 Stats

06-02-19 Here are May’s 2019 stats

Calls: 31 YTD: 148
Boro Calls: 7 YTD: 22
Jobs: 3 YTD: 14
Pins: 0 YTD: 0
Manpower: 147 YTD: 641
Avg Crew: 5 YTD: 5
Hrs In Service: 12 hrs 43 mins YTD: 77 hrs 00 mins
Engine Calls: 13 YTD: 72
Rescue Calls: 19 YTD: 86
Utility Calls: 2 YTD: 6
OIC Calls: 1 YTD: 4
Fire Police Calls: 2 YTD: 8
Busiest Day: Tuesday with 8
Busiest Time: 0800-1600 with 18
Busiest Box: Steelton (50) with 9

Top 5 Responders
DC. Tinari with 23
Chief Zwigart with 21
Lt. Lemmon with 20
FF. Leach with 13
FF. Fink with 12
FF. Roberson with 12