The borough of Paxtang is about a 1/4 mile in size. We border Harrisburg City Susquehanna Township and Swatara Township. We run a little over 300 calls a year. A majority of our calls are mutual aid. Theres 25 active members. We operate 1 Engine 1 Rescue 1 Support vehicle/Fire Police and a chiefs vehicle.

05/14/16 Paxtang Elementary School Mayfair

05/14/16  Today the rescue was at the Paxtang Elementary School Mayfair held at Saussaman Park.  Members assisted with filling up a dump tank for the event and then gave fire truck rides to the children.  There were many other things for the kids to do from games, to slides and food.  It was a great time by all that attended.



05/14/16 Dauphin County Run Day at HACC

05/14/16   On Saturday May 14 several dauphin county companies gathered up at HACC for the 1st Annual Dauphin County Run Day.  Companies did several different run-in from building fires with occupants entrapped, to vehicle fires and vehicle accidents.  Everyone worked well together and most importantly everyone went home.  Companies included Paxtang, Progress, Penbrook, Steelton and Lower Swatara.  Pics courtesy of Photo 40.

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05/08-16 Box 44-1 WSF

05/08/16     At 2100 hrs box 44-1 was struck for a structure fire.  Engine 40 responded with a crew of 5.  PD on the scene advised in coming units of a garage fire to the rear.  Engine 40 arrived to pick up the hydrant and laid into Engine 44 on side A.  Crew went to assist Engine 44 crew with fire attack.  A quick knock of the fire was made by company 44.  Time out was 55 minutes.

April Stats

05/08/16   April Stats are in.

Calls:  38  YTD:  132

Borough Calls:  9  YTD:  21

Jobs:  3  YTD:  15

Pins:  2  YTD:  2

Total Manpower:  114

Avg Crew:  3

Hrs In Service:  27 hrs 18 min

Engine Calls:  16

Rescue Calls:  21

Busiest Day:  Sunday with 13

Busiest Time:  0800 to 1600 with 22

Busiest Box:  40 Paxtang with 9


Top 5 Responders

  1. Chief Zwigart with 21
  2. Capt. Tinari with 15
  3. FF. Frankenfield with 12
  4. FF. Baily with 11
  5. Lt. Sikorski with 10

04/20/16 MVA with Entrapment in First Due

04/20/16  At 2157 hrs Box 40-2 was struck for a motor vehicle accident in the 3600 blk of Derry St.  Chief 40 enroute was advised by Dauphin County 911 of a motor vehicle accident with several vehicle involved and 1 person to be partial ejected out of the vehicle.  Chief 40 arrived on the scene to find 1 vehicle on it’s side with a person entrapped under the vehicle with several parked vehicles involved.  Chief 40 added Rescue 44 Lawnton  and Engine 32-1 Progress to assist.  Crews stabilized the vehicle and extricated the person from under the vehicle.  Time out was 2 hrs and 23 mins.

4-17-16 Transfer with call to the scene

April 17, 2016  At 1319 hrs Engine 40 was dispatched on a transfer assignment to York County Station 68 Fairview Township while they worked on a structure fire in their first due.  Engine 40 responded with a crew of 4.  While enroute to station 68 command 68 requested the Engine to the scene to assist with overhaul.  Crew worked the scene for 1 hour and 35 minutes.

4/10/16 WSF Box 37-5

April 10, 2016  At 0929 hrs box 37-5 was struck for a reported structure fire.  Command 37 arrived on the scene reporting a working structure fire.  Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 3.  Rescue arrived on the scene to stage a block out.  At first crew was to report to manpower but then assigned to open the roof for interior crew.  Crew was on scene for an hour before being placed in service.

Photos courtesy of capitalcityfirephotos.

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04-03-16 WSF Box 88-2 Middletown

April 3, 2016   At 11:42 hrs a first alarm was struck for box 88-2 Holly Hall Building for a working structure fire.  Command 88 on the scene with a working fire with fire through the roof.  Rescue 40 was dispatched and responded with a crew of 5.  Crew arrived in manpower and then was sent to the 5th floor to assist with fire attack.  Crew also assisted with overhaul of the 5th floor.   Later in the incident crew was placed in RIT to relieve the first due RIT to do work on the 5th floor during overhaul.  Rescue crew was on the scene for just shy of 5 hrs.  Thanks to Cumberland County Engine 13 West Shore Bureau Fire for covering the borough while we were on the scene.

Pics courtesy of capitalcityfirephotos.



03-22-16 Box 44-2 WSF

March 22. 2016   At 1509 hrs box 44-2 was struck for a working structure fire.  Engine 40 with a crew of 4.  Crew arrived on the scene and pulled a 2nd line into the fire building.  First arriving companies made a quick knock on the fire.  Engine crew then assisted with secondary search of the fire building.  Time out was 1 hr.

03-08-16 Transfer Assignment with Call to the scene

March 8, 2018  At 0359 hrs Engine 40 was transferred to York County Sta 68-1 Fairview Twp.  Engine 40 with a crew of 3.  While on stand-by Engine 40 was requested to the scene to assist on the structure fire in the Fairview’s first due.  Engine crew arrived on the scene was put to work in the attic area to assist with overhaul and hitting hot spots.  Crew worked on the scene for just over an hour.  Total time out was 1 hr 46 mins.