The borough of Paxtang is about a 1/4 mile in size. We border Harrisburg City Susquehanna Township and Swatara Township. We run a little over 300 calls a year. A majority of our calls are mutual aid. Theres 25 active members. We operate 1 Engine 1 Rescue 1 Support vehicle/Fire Police and a chiefs vehicle.

WSF Box 32-6

07-15-17 At 1833 hrs box 32-6 was struck for a working structure fire. Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 5. Crew arrived and assisted with fire attack and overhaul. Thanks to York County 64 Dillsburg for covering the borough and helping us with clean up. Time out was 1 hr 24 mins

MVA Box 40-2

07-10-17 At 2003 hrs box 40-2 was struck for an auto accident at Derry and the Ave. Engine and Rescue responded and assisted with pt care and clean up. Time out was 41 minutes.

WSF Box 33-1

07-03-17 At 0627 hrs box 33-1 was struck for a working structure fire. Rescue 40 was dispatched for RIT. Rescue went with a crew of 2. Crew arrived to stage on side A. Crew was released a short time later. Time out was 32 minutes.

WSF Box 35-3

07-01-17 At 0425 hrs box 35-3 was struck for a working structure fire. Rescue responded with a crew of 2. Rescue arrived on the scene and assisted with fire attack and overhaul. Time out was 2 hrs 36 mins.

June 2017 Stats

07-06-17  Here are June Stats

Calls:  22  YTD:  183

Boro Calls:  5  YTD:  27

Jobs:  1  YTD:  16

Pins:  0  YTD:  0

Total Manpower:  73

Avg Crew:  3

Hrs In Service:  8 hrs 20 min

Engine Calls:  6

Rescue Calls:  17

OIC Calls:  1

Busiest Day:  Thursday with 6

Busiest Time:  1600-2400 with 11

Busiest Box:  Steelton (50) with 7


Top 5 Responders

Chief Zwigart with 16

Capt. Bloss with 11

DC. Tinari with 9

FF. Frankenfield with 8

FF. Schrader with 7


2017 Paxtang Fire Company 90th Banquet

06-24-17.  This evening members took the night off to celebrate the companies 90th year at our annual banquet.  This years banquet was held at Spring Gate in the Village.  It was a great night of brotherhood.  Thanks to the banquet committee for planning the banquet.  Thanks to all our guest that attended.  Before Dinner we had our table for one to remember our members that had passed away this year which included FF. Dan Wolfe and Past Chief Robert Ruddy.  Crews celebrated Craig Powers birthday with a cake.  Members honored Robin Bloss with a plaque for his 40 years of service and Craig Moyer for his 35 years of service.  They also received a citation from the House of Reps and Senate.  Members also honored Retired Deputy Chief Dave Turner for his years of service.   He was given a white helmet with gold front.  This years Firefighter of the Year was Jessica Etzle.  The top 5 responders were award with a plaque 5th FF. Lemmon with 86, 4th Lt. Sikorski 86, 3rd FF. Frankenfield with 90, 2nd Capt. Tinari with 191 and 1st Chief Zwigart with 240.  Congrats to everyone.

Porch Fire Box 40-1

06-22-17  At 1301 hrs box 40-1 was struck for a structure fire.  Chief 401 went responding and was advised by Dauphin County 911 a fire on the rear 2nd floor porch.  The house is to be vacant.  Chief 401 and PD arrived on the scene at the same time to find a fire to the rear of the structure.  PD hit the fire with an extinguisher till arrival of Engine 49.  An 1 3/4 was put in service to knock down the rest of the fire.  Crews from Engine 40 and Tower 1 check checked the house and the attached house for extension into the homes finding just a smoke condition.  Crews put a PPV fan at the front door to remove the smoke.  Control was marked at the 16 minute mark.  Crews remained on the scene for a short time.  Total time out was 1 hr 11 mins.  Photo credit to DC Tinari.

May 2017 Stats

F.06-26-17  Here are Mays stats

Calls:  34  YTD:  161

Borough Calls:  5  YTD:  22

Jobs:  1  YTD:  15

Pins:  0  YTD:  0

Avg Crew:  4

Hrs In Serivce:  26 hrs 45 mins

Engine Calls:  10

Rescue Calls:  23

OIC Calls:  2


Busiest Day:  Saturday with 8

Busiest Time:  1600-2400 with 15

Busiest Box:  Steelton (50) with 14


Top 5 Responders

Capt. Bloss with 18

Chief Zwigart with 16

DC. Tinari with 15

FF. Lemmon with 10

FF. Frankenfield with 8


Box 30-1 WSF

5-18-17  At 0211 hrs box 30-1 was struck for a smoke investigation.  Chief 30 held units in quarters.  Updates were now multiple calls reporting fire thought the roof.  Command 30 had fire visible from 2 blocks away and requested the 1st alarm.  Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 4.  Crew arrived on the scene and assisted with fire attack and overhaul on the 1st and 2nd floors.  Time out was 1 hr 26 mins

Photo credit to Rickey Weese

Members Paying Their Last Respect to Past Chief Ruddy

5-15-17  Today members paid their last respect to Past Chief Robert J. Ruddy.  Chief Ruddy served as Deputy chief and Chief from 1964 till 1978.  Bob was still active with the department up until mid 2000’s .  Chief Ruddy’s last ride was on the Old Mack.  Rest Easy Chief.  We Got It From Here.  Gone but not Forgotten.  Here are pics from today service.