The borough of Paxtang is about a 1/4 mile in size. We border Harrisburg City Susquehanna Township and Swatara Township. We run a little over 300 calls a year. A majority of our calls are mutual aid. Theres 25 active members. We operate 1 Engine 1 Rescue 1 Support vehicle/Fire Police and a chiefs vehicle.

January 19, 2015 WSF Box 50-1 Steelton

January 19, 2015     At 1312 hrs box 50-1 was struck for a reported structure fire.  PD on the scene with a working fire and possible entrapment.  It was quickly determined that there was no entrapment.  Rescue 40 responded with 6.  Crew arrived on the scene and split the crew into 2 groups of 3.  First crew was tasked with getting a 2nd line to the 3rd floor for fire attack and the 2nd crew was sent to the 2nd floor to assist with fire attack.  Crews then assisted with overhaul of the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Thanks to Cumberland County Engine 1-30 for covering the borough and helping with getting the rescue back in service.  Time out was 2 hrs and 25 mins.  Pics courtesy of Photo 40 and capitalcityfirephoto.

Steel 1-19-15-2
























Steel 1-19-15-4








Steel 1-19-15-3

January 16, 2015 Transfer Assignment

January 16, 2015    At 0635 hrs Rescue 40 was dispatched to transfer to Cumberland County Sta 2-30 while they assisted on a working structure fire in East Pennsboro Twp.  Rescue 40 responded with 4.  Crew stood-by on station and answered no calls for service.  When company 30 returned to station, crew assisted with getting their apparatus back in service.  Time out was 3 hrs and 53 mins.

January 10, 2015 Box 49-2 WSF Econo Lodge

January 10, 2015     At 1336 hrs box 49-2 was struck for a structure fire at the Econo Lodge.  Engine 40 responded with 6.  Engine 40 arrived and was assigned to 2nd water source and supply Engine 44.  Engine 40 dropped 900 feet of 5 inch.  Command 49 called for 2 occupants that were trapped on the 2nd floor.  Chief 91 and Chief 41 threw a ladder to the 2nd floor window.  Chief 91 rescued the 2 occupants from the room via the window.  Lt. 40 assisted Chief 91 with securing the ladder and assisting Chief 91 with bringing the occupants down the ladder.  Engine crew also assisted with secondary searches of 1st and 2nd floor and overhaul of 1st and 2nd floor.  Thanks to Cumberland County Engine 1-30 for covering the Borough.  Time out was 2 hrs 4 mins.  Pics courtesy of Photo 40 and capitalcityfirephoto.

Econo Lodge 3








Econo Lodge 4








Econo Lodge1








Econo Lodge 2


January 8, 2015 Transfer Assignment

January 8th 2015   At 1620 hrs Engine 40 was dispatched to transfer to York County Sta 68-1 (Fairview Twp) while they assisted Cumberland County Sta 10 (New Cumberland) on a working structure fire.  Engine 40 responded with 6.  Crew stood by on station and had no calls for service.  When company 68 returned to station, crew helped get their apparatus back in service.  Time out 2 hrs 30 min.

January 1, 2015 RIT Call to Penbrook

January 1, 2015    At 1244 hrs box 30-1 was struck for a reported structure fire.  Chief 40 on the scene reported a working fire in a one and half story house.  The rescue responded with a crew of 7.  Rescue crew arrived and was assigned RIT.  Crew staged on the A/D side of the structure.  Crew was on scene just short of an hour.  Pics courtesy of capitalcityfirephoto.

3004marketstreetrd2014 (20)-L

3004marketstreetrd2014 (16)-L

December 31, 2014 3rd Alarm Structure Fire HBG City

December 31, 2014.     Just shortly before 3AM the Engine Company was dispatched to transfer into the city while they worked a fire in the uptown district.  Engine responded with 5.  While enroute to city station 2 the city struck a 3rd alarm bringing the engine to the scene.  Crew arrived and was put to work in one of the fire building assisting with fire control and overhaul.  The engine was on scene for several hours.  Pics courtesy of capitalcityfirephoto.

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600gearyst2014 (32)-L

600gearyst2014 (15)-M

600gearyst2014 (18)-L


The officers and members would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.  May your day be filled with joy and happiness.


November Stats are in.

Calls:  32   Total:  326

Borough Calls:  4  Total:  38

Busiest Day:  Saturday with 7

Busiest Time:  0800 to 1600 with 13

Busiest Box:  Steelton with 9

Eng Calls:  14

Res Calls:  22

Working Fires:  1  Total:  27

Pins:  1  Total:  4


Top Responders

Chief Zwigart with 23

Lt. Tinari with 13

DC Turner with 11

Lt. Sikorski with 10

FF. Lemmon with 10

FF. Schrader with 10


11/15/14      At 0722 hrs this morning, the rescue was dispatched to transfer to Cumberland County Station 2-30 while they work a commercial structure fire in their first due.  Rescue 40 responded with 5.  While on stand-by, the rescue along with Cumberland Eng 25 were dispatched at 1036 hrs for an auto accident with injuries.  The Rescue and Eng arrived together to find a 3 vehicle accident with male entrapped.  Crew removed the drivers door and extricated the male within 5 minutes of arrival.  Total time out was 6 hrs and 12 mins.




Here are Oct stats.

Calls:  23  Total:  294

Busiest Day:  Friday with 6

Busiest Time:  1600-2400 with 9

Busiest Box:  Steelton with 7

Working Fires:  3

Boro Calls:  2

Eng Calls:  7

Rescue Calls:  17