Wednesday, October 10, 2012 – This morning the Firemen Of Paxtang loaded up the Engine & Rescue and headed to Paxton Presbyterian Nursery School for their first stop to teach children fire prevention. The second stop was to Paxtang Elementary School. Both Schools were informed by a Educational Video on the dangers of fire and how to prevent fires in your home. The children learned not to be afraid of Firemen as we are your friends that come to help you. We conducted a Fire Drill at the Elementary School as well as a Live Fire Extinguisher Demonstration for both Students and School Faculty. We would like to share some tips with you at home:

1. Draw up a floor plan of your house to ensure two ways out in the event of a fire and a staging area outside away from danger.

2. Install Smoke Alarms and test them monthly to make sure they are working properly.

3. Check all windows and doors to see if they open easily.

4. Make sure your house or building number is visible from the street.

5. In the event of a fire CALL 911 and never go back inside when your home is on fire, Stay outside til the Fire Department arrives.

Please practice Home Fire Drills & Remember Have 2 Ways Out!!