January 20, 2015 Lt 40 Tinari Honored at Borough Council Meeting

January 20, 2015     At tonight’s borough council meeting Lt. 40 Tinari was honored with the Metal of Valor by Chief 91 Ibberson Swatara Township Fire Marshal and Commissioner Weikle of Swatara Township for the assistance to chief 91 on the rescue of 2 occupants from the Econo Lodge fire on January 10, 2015.  Lt. Tinari assisted with securing the ladder while chief 91 rescued the occupants and assisted them down the ladder.  At the Swatara Township Commissioner’s meeting Chief 91 and Chief 49 Steele were presented with the Heroism Award.  Chief 91 was also presented the Metal of Valor and Chief 49 was presented with the Metal of Merit.  Congratulations to all recipients on a job well done and to all the firefighter that were on the scene.

Lt Tinari Metal of Valor