January 10, 2015 Box 49-2 WSF Econo Lodge

January 10, 2015     At 1336 hrs box 49-2 was struck for a structure fire at the Econo Lodge.  Engine 40 responded with 6.  Engine 40 arrived and was assigned to 2nd water source and supply Engine 44.  Engine 40 dropped 900 feet of 5 inch.  Command 49 called for 2 occupants that were trapped on the 2nd floor.  Chief 91 and Chief 41 threw a ladder to the 2nd floor window.  Chief 91 rescued the 2 occupants from the room via the window.  Lt. 40 assisted Chief 91 with securing the ladder and assisting Chief 91 with bringing the occupants down the ladder.  Engine crew also assisted with secondary searches of 1st and 2nd floor and overhaul of 1st and 2nd floor.  Thanks to Cumberland County Engine 1-30 for covering the Borough.  Time out was 2 hrs 4 mins.  Pics courtesy of Photo 40 and capitalcityfirephoto.

Econo Lodge 3








Econo Lodge 4








Econo Lodge1








Econo Lodge 2