Box 40-2 WSF Paxtang

04-17-17   At 2325 hrs box 40-2 was struck for a possible structure fire.  Chief 40 on the scene with multi garages off and exposure being affected.  Chief 40 had the 1st alarm struck.  Engine 40 responded with a crew of 4.  Engine 40 arrived and hit the hydrant and laid into the scene.  Crews pulled a 2.5 attack line along with the blitz fire.  Crews had garages off on both side of the alley.  As other crews arrived, command had tower 1 and truck 32 go in service and do master stream operations to help knock the bulk of the fire and other crews help protect the exposures.   Thanks to our mutual aid companies who assisted on the scene and thanks to Fairview Twp Co. 68 and Dillsburg 64 for covering the borough and helping with getting our engine back in service.    Time out was 3 hrs 3 mins.

Photo Credit to Photo 40 C. Zwigart.