Box 40-2 Gas Leak

01-04-18 At 0851 hrs box 40-2 was struck for a gas leak inside a building. DC. Tinari enroute was advised by Dauphin County 911 that UGI is on the scene with a gas leak inside of the Visiting Nurses. Also advised there are 7 employees at the diner across the street not feeling well. Command had EMS dispatched to check out the employees. Per UGI they had 60 PPM of CO inside. Engine 40 crew arrived and staged in the parking lot across the street and sent their manpower in to investigate. Engine crew had reading of 35 PPM of CO. Command had truck 32 to side D of the structure and set up ventilation and assisted with metering the building. Engine 91-1 staged at the hydrant in front of station 40. Crew found an issue with one of the roof top heater and secured the gas to all roof top units. Once the gas was secured the building and levels were re-checked crews had zero readings. UGI advised building maintenance of the issue found and that the gas could not be turned back on till issues is fixed. Time out was 50 mins.