Box 40-1 MVA with Injuries

03/18/19 At 2044 hrs box 40-1 was struck for an auto accident in the 3200 blk of Derry St. Chief 40-1 responded. County advised of a 3 vehicle accident, and a male with a head injury. Chief 40-1 arrived on the scene to find a vehicle sitting in the middle of Derry St and a parked vehicle into the rear of another parked car. Found a male sitting on the curb. Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 4 and Engine 40 with a crew of 2. Rescue crew arrived and an EMT started pt care to till EMS arrived and crew started to contain a running fuel leak from one of the vehicle. EMS arrived and took over pt care. Crews then assisted with debris clean up. Time out was 47 mins.