Best Appearing Out Of County Engine 1500gpm 7th Year in a Row

09-16-17 At the 63rd Annual Schuylkill County Fireman’s Convention held in Schuylkill Haven, Engine 40 took home 1st Place Best Appearing Out Of County Engine 1500pm for the 7th Year in a Row. Great job to the members who helped clean the Engine. Congratulations to the Schuylkill Hose #2 on a job well done on the Convention. Congratulation to Lawnton Fire, Rutherford Fire and Linglestown Fire on the awards they took home. We would like to thank our Borough Council for allowing us to take the Engine up to Schuylkill Haven for the weekend and a big thank you to Fairview Township 68 (York County) for standing by for the day while the Engine was away.