Saturday, January 26, 2013 – This evening at 1730 hrs. Our 86th Annual Paxtang Fire Company Banquet & Awards Ceremony was held at the Progress Fire Hall. This was an evening to celebrate and award our members for all the hard work they do each year. Our guest speaker for the evening was Dauphin County Deputy Sheriff Michael Klinger and his K-9 partner Tika. Deputy Klinger has served 16 years and continues to with the Sheriffs Dept. He also serves his community as a volunteer firefighter. Thank you Deputy Sheriff Klinger for coming out to our banquet making us aware of the importance of the K- 9 explosives unit. We thank you and welcome you anytime. Many other visiting officals attended We would like to thank the following, Mayor Keldeen Stambaugh, Coucilman Nathan Martin, Councilman John Ninosky & Councilwoman Shelia Bourne-Fuller we are honored to have had you as you always show support to the Fire Company Thank you!

Following words from Chief Todd Zwgart dinner was served followed by the 2012 Call Statics and Company Awards & Our Valued Business Donators were also awarded. We thank you for your support every year.

2012 Fireman Of The Year was awarded to: Lieutenant John Tinari

Lt. Tinari served on the Crabfest as Chairman last year, he is in charge of day to day duties as an fireground operations officer of the company and also First Aid & CPR Training for the company members. Thank you and Congratulations John for all your hard work!

2012 Officer Of The Year was awarded to: Secretary Cheryl Zwigart

Secretary Zwigart served on the Crabfest many years and held various positions for the fire company. She is in her 5th year as Secretary for the company. Thank you for all your hard work as well!

Music was provided by: DJ BRUCEMAN DJ Services

Donations Provided By: Rookies Bar & Grill , Underdogs & Breski’s Beverage.

Door Prizes Donated by: Mama’s Pizza, The Paxtang Grill, City Line Diner, The Tops, Melrose Hair Salon & DK Dogs

A big thank you to the wives Rachael Hays, Cheryl Zwigart, Shirley Grunden & Mindy Bloss for setting up the hall and preperation for the banquet. Also the Geary Family for your help thank you.