04-03-16 WSF Box 88-2 Middletown

April 3, 2016   At 11:42 hrs a first alarm was struck for box 88-2 Holly Hall Building for a working structure fire.  Command 88 on the scene with a working fire with fire through the roof.  Rescue 40 was dispatched and responded with a crew of 5.  Crew arrived in manpower and then was sent to the 5th floor to assist with fire attack.  Crew also assisted with overhaul of the 5th floor.   Later in the incident crew was placed in RIT to relieve the first due RIT to do work on the 5th floor during overhaul.  Rescue crew was on the scene for just shy of 5 hrs.  Thanks to Cumberland County Engine 13 West Shore Bureau Fire for covering the borough while we were on the scene.

Pics courtesy of capitalcityfirephotos.