The borough of Paxtang is about a 1/4 mile in size. We border Harrisburg City Susquehanna Township and Swatara Township. We run a little over 300 calls a year. A majority of our calls are mutual aid. Theres 25 active members. We operate 1 Engine 1 Rescue 1 Support vehicle/Fire Police and a chiefs vehicle.

WSF Box 55-1 Highspire

04-04-17  As the rescue was returning for a job in Penbrook, box 55-1 was struck for a structure fire.  Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 3.  Crew arrived and assisted with fire attack on the 2 floor and assist with overhaul.  Thanks to York County Station 64 Dillsburg for covering the borough.

Time out was 1 hr 10 minutes.

WSF Box 30-2 Penbrook

04-04-17  At 1521 hrs box 30-2 was struck for a structure fire.  Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 3.  Truck 32 and PD arrived on the scene with a working fire.  Rescue crew arrived and were sent into 2 crews 1 crew into the exposure building to the 3rd floor and open up the walls and ceiling.  The other crew into the fire building to assist with fire attack.  Thanks to York County Station 64 Dillsburg for covering the borough.

Time out was just shy of 2 hrs.

March Stats

04-05-17  Here are March Stats


Calls:  43  YTD:  97

Boro Calls:  10  YTD:  13

Jobs:  4  YTD:  8

Pins:  0  YTD:  0

Total Manpower:  253

Avg Crew:  6

Hrs In Service:  31 hrs 11 min

Engine Runs:  23

Rescue Runs:  19

Utility Runs:  3

OIC Calls:  2

Busiest Day:  4 Way Tie Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday with 7

Busiest Time:  0800-1600 with 20

Busiest Box:  Steelton (50) with 11


Top 5 Responders

Chief Zwigart with 29

DC. Tinari with 29

FF. Lemmon with 22

FF. Frankenfield with 22

Lt. Nickle with 21

Capt. T. Bloss with 20

FF. Schrader with 20


Service Award

03-21-17.  At our monthly Borough Council Meeting.  Members were on hand to present Murv Grunden an award for his years of service to the Paxtang Fire Company and to the Borough of Paxtang.  Murv serviced 13 years in the fire company serving as company Treasurer, Vice President and Fire Police Captain. Murv and his wife will be moving to Florida to enjoy their retirement.  The company thanks you for your service and dedication to the fire company.   Thank you to Robert Sharpe of Remember It In Glass for the awesome award.









Funeral Detail

03-17-17.  Today members of Paxtang along with many other fire departments from the area and out of state came to pay their final respect to Fallen Brother Lt. Devoe.  Lt. Devoe tragically lost his life in an accident while responding to a fire in the City.  Lt. Devoe was a 24 year veteran of the city fire department.  He was remembered as a HERO.  A memorial service was held at the Forum.  Rest Easy Brother, We’ll Take It From Here.  Gone and Never Forgotten.  After the service, members visited the crash site to pay our respect to our fallen brother.















Stand-by Coverage For HBG

03-13-17  This afternoon, Engine 40 with a crew of 6 along with Progress Truck 32, Hampden Squad 30, York Rescue 69, Steelton Truck 50 and Penbrook Engine 30 covered the City while city units went down to Hershey Medical Center to transport Lt. Devoe from the hospital to the funeral home.  While on stand-by units ran 3 calls for service in the city.  Rest In Peace Lt. Devoe.  We’ll take it from here.  Gone and Never Forgotten.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Lt. Devoe family and his brothers from HBG Fire.

Transfer with Call to the Scene

03-12-17.  At 1456 hrs the engine was dispatched to transfer to city station 2.  Minutes later, the engine was dispatched to the scene on a 3rd alarm structure fire.  Engine responded with a crew of 6.  Arrived on the scene and manpower was sent to check for extension and assist with fire attack.  Engine picked up a 3rd water source and supplied Tower 1 and Truck 32.

Time out was 3 hrs and 17 mins.  Photo credit to driver J. Rowe

LODD City Of Harrisburg

03-11-17.  Our hearts and prayer go out to Lt. Devoe family and the Harrisburg City Fire.  Lt. Devoe loss his life in a tragic accident while responding to a 2nd alarm working fire in the city on 3-10-17.  Rest Easy Brother, We’ll take it from here.  Gone but Never Forgotten.


Funeral Detail

03-10-17.  This evening members went to pay their final respects to life member and retired city firefighter Dan Wolfe.  Wolfe lost his battle with cancer.  While at the service and Engine from the Liberty Fire Co in Schuylkill Haven and a Rescue for Mechanicsburg Citizens Fire covered the borough.  A big thank you to the stand-by companies and to Fleming Subs for providing food for our stand-by companies.  As the service was ending the stand-by Engine was dispatched to transfer into the city while city units worked a 2nd alarm fire.

WSF Box 33-7

03-03-17.   At 1359 hrs box 33-7 was struck for a working structure fire.  Rescue 40 was dispatched as RIT and responded with a crew of 6.  Crew arrived on the scene and staged on side A of the structure.  Crew stood-by on the scene as RIT till released by fire command.

Time out was 35 mins.