The borough of Paxtang is about a 1/4 mile in size. We border Harrisburg City Susquehanna Township and Swatara Township. We run a little over 300 calls a year. A majority of our calls are mutual aid. Theres 25 active members. We operate 1 Engine 1 Rescue 1 Support vehicle/Fire Police and a chiefs vehicle.

MVA With Injuries Box 40-2

09-15-17 At 1316 hrs box 40-2 was struck for an auto accident with injuries at Derry St. and Paxtang Ave. Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 4. Arrived on the scene to find a 3 vehicle accident with injuries. Crew assisted with patient care till EMS arrived. Crew assisted with traffic control till PD was finished with investigation. Time out was 55 minutes.

Outside Fire Box 40-1

09-02-17 At 1824 hrs box 40-1 was struck for an outside fire in the area of 400 blk of 32nd St. Engine responded with a crew of 4. Crew arrived to find a pole on fire to the rear of a house on 32nd St. While on scene the pole gave away and knocked out power in the area. Crew then extinguished a tree that was on fire due to the wires. Crews stood-by on the scene till PP&L arrived. Time out was 29 mins.

WSF Box 35-4

09-01-17 At 0002 hrs box 35-4 was struck for a structure fire. At 0003 the box was upgraded to a working structure fire with possible entrapment. Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 3. Rescue arrived and staged in the area and was assigned to RIT with members from Company 36. Crew assisted with laddering the house. RIT staged on the A/B side. Crew was on scene for 2 hrs 10 mins.

August Stats

09-01-17 Here are August Stats.

Calls: 24 YTD: 227
Boro Calls: 5 YTD: 36
Jobs: 0 YTD: 19
Pins: 0 YTD: 0
Total Manpower: 83
Avg Crew: 3
Hrs In Service: 11 hrs 20 min
Engine Calls: 7
Rescue Calls: 16
Utility Calls: 2
OIC: 0
Busiest Day: Tied Tuesday and Thursday with 6
Busiest Time: 0800-1600 hrs with 13
Busiest Box: Tied Paxtang (40) Steelton (50) with 5

Top 5 Responders
DC. Tinari with 16
FF. Lemmon with 13
FF. Schrader with 11
Capt. Bloss with 10
FF. Frankenfield with 9

Lebanon County Barn Fire

08-20-17 At 1126 hrs the rescue was dispatched to assist Lebanon County and mutual aid departments on a barn fire. The rescue and utility responded with a crew of 6. Members arrived and assisted with overhaul and clean up. Units were on the scene for 3 hrs 15 mins.

July Stats

08-05-17 Here are July’s stats.

Calls: 20 YTD: 203
Boro Calls: 4 YTD: 31
Jobs: 3 YTD: 19
Pins: 0 YTD: 0
Total Manpower: 63
Avg Crew: 3
Hrs Is Service: 29 hrs 1 min
Engine Calls: 5
Rescue Calls: 18
Utility Calls: 1
OIC: 0
Busiest Day: Monday with 6
Busiest Time: 1600-2400 with 9
Busiest Box: Progress (32) with 6

Top 5 Responders
DC. Tinari with 15
FF. Lemmon with 7
FF. Schrader with 7
Lt. Nickle with 6
Capt. Bloss with 5

Box 40-2 Stand-by

07-29-17 At 1440 hrs company 40 was placed on stand-by to cover Swatara Twp while township companies were still on the gas leak at the UGI plant and helping residents safely get back into their homes. The 40 house was able to staff both the Engine and Rescue with 8 personal while on stand-by. Crews were on stand-by for 8 hrs 20 mins. There were no calls for service during that time.

Gas Leak Box 49-5

07-28-17 At 1448 hrs rescue 40 was dispatched to assist company 49 along with other Swatara Twp fire departments and and Haz-mat teams with a gas leak at the UGI plant. Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 7. Crew arrived and was assigned to assist with fire attack. There was no fire but crews from 40 Paxtang 45 Rutherford and 49 Swatars stood-by ready incase needed. Crews staged at Franklin and Front St. Crews stood-by on the scene for just over 12 hrs.

WSF Box 32-6

07-15-17 At 1833 hrs box 32-6 was struck for a working structure fire. Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 5. Crew arrived and assisted with fire attack and overhaul. Thanks to York County 64 Dillsburg for covering the borough and helping us with clean up. Time out was 1 hr 24 mins

MVA Box 40-2

07-10-17 At 2003 hrs box 40-2 was struck for an auto accident at Derry and the Ave. Engine and Rescue responded and assisted with pt care and clean up. Time out was 41 minutes.