The borough of Paxtang is about a 1/4 mile in size. We border Harrisburg City Susquehanna Township and Swatara Township. We run a little over 300 calls a year. A majority of our calls are mutual aid. Theres 25 active members. We operate 1 Engine 1 Rescue 1 Support vehicle/Fire Police and a chiefs vehicle.

Stand-by Coverage For Banquet

01-27-18. Today Rescue 40 and Engine 36-1 West Hanover provided stand-by coverage for Hampden Township Fire Department while members attended their annual banquet night. Rescue 40 staff with a crew of 4. While on stand-by crews handled 2 calls for service an assist EMS and a fire alarm.

Company Paying Respect to US. Deputy Marshal Hill

01-25-18 Today members took Engine 40 to pay our final respect to US. Deputy Marshal Hill. Members of Paxtang and other fire departments, EMS and Law Enforcement paid their final respect. Members attended the services for Hill. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hill family and our Brother’s and Sister in BLUE. God Speed. Watch over your family and fellow officers. We would like to thank the Liberty Fire Company #4 of Schuylkill Haven for providing and Engine and crew so we can attend the services.

WSF Box 32-6 Progress

01-24-18 At 0207 hrs box 32-6 was struck for a structure fire. DO-32 enroute advised by Dauphin County 911 of a fire on the 1st floor of a townhome in the middle of a row. Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 4. DO-32 arrived with a working fire in the middle of the row and requested the working fire box. Rescue crew arrived and was given the RIT assignment. RIT crew assisted EMS with a firefighter down in the front yard due to an injury. Crew staged as RIT till released by fire command. Time out was 1 hr 30 mins.

WSF Box 35-3 Lingelstown

01-13-18 At 0614 hrs box 35-3 was struck for a structure fire. Chief 35 enroute was advised of multiple calls. The box was upgraded to a working structure fire. Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 2. Crew arrived and assisted with fire attack and overhaul. Time out was 1 hr 53 mins.

2018 Executive Officer and Line Officers Take Oath

01-09-18 At the January regular company meeting, the executive and line officers took the oath of officer by senior trustee Travis Frankenfield.

2018 Executive Officers
President: John Rowe
Vice-President: Open
Secretary: Rachael Wentzel
Membership Secretary: Cheryl Zwigart
Treasure: Rebecca Frankenfield
Senior Trustee: Travis Frankenfield
2nd Year Trustee: Austin Schrader
3rd Year Trustee: Matt Lemmon

2018 Line Officers
Chief: Todd Zwigart (Boro Appointment)
Deputy Chief: John Tinari (Boro Appointment)
Captain 40: Tim Bloss
Lieutenant 40: Adam Sikorski

Box 40-2 Gas Leak

01-04-18 At 0851 hrs box 40-2 was struck for a gas leak inside a building. DC. Tinari enroute was advised by Dauphin County 911 that UGI is on the scene with a gas leak inside of the Visiting Nurses. Also advised there are 7 employees at the diner across the street not feeling well. Command had EMS dispatched to check out the employees. Per UGI they had 60 PPM of CO inside. Engine 40 crew arrived and staged in the parking lot across the street and sent their manpower in to investigate. Engine crew had reading of 35 PPM of CO. Command had truck 32 to side D of the structure and set up ventilation and assisted with metering the building. Engine 91-1 staged at the hydrant in front of station 40. Crew found an issue with one of the roof top heater and secured the gas to all roof top units. Once the gas was secured the building and levels were re-checked crews had zero readings. UGI advised building maintenance of the issue found and that the gas could not be turned back on till issues is fixed. Time out was 50 mins.

2017 Year End Report

01-13-18 Here are the year end stats for 2017

Total Calls: 350
Boro Calls: 51
Jobs: 27
Pins: 0
Total Manpower: 1429
Avg Crew: 4
Total Hrs In Service: 229 hrs 42 mins
Engine Runs: 118
Rescue Runs: 251
Busiest Day: Tuesday with 55
Busiest Time: 1600 to 2400 with 162
Busiest Box: Steelton (50) with 92

Top 10 Responders
DC. Tinari with 199
FF. Lemmon with 169
FF. Frankenfield with 140
FF. Schrader with 137
Capt. Bloss with 125
Chief Zwigart with 124
LT. Nickle with 110
FF. Moyer with 71
FF. Schmolitz with 51
FF. Robinson with 49

December 2017 Stats

01-01-18 Here are December 2017 Stats.

Calls: 40 YTD: 350
Boro Calls: 4 YTD: 51
Jobs: 3 YTD: 27
Pins: 0 YTD: 0
Total Manpower: 130
Avg Crew: 3
Hrs In Service: 21 hrs 23 mins
Engine Calls: 15
Rescue Calls: 28
Utility Calls: 1
OIC: 0
Busiest Day: Tuesday with 9
Busiest Time: 1600-2400 with 20
Busiest Box: Steelton (50) with 8

Top 5 Responders
FF. Lemmon with 27
DC. Tinari with 21
FF. Frankenfield with 15
FF. Schrader with 13
Capt. Bloss with 11
FF. Moyer with 11

Transfer to Cumberland County with Call to Scene

12-28-17. At 1611 hrs rescue 40 was dispatched to transfer to Cumberland County Hampden Twp Sta. 2-30 while Hampden had a first due WSF. Rescue 40 responded with a crew of 3. While enroute to Hampden a 2nd alarm was struck bringing rescue 40 to the scene. Rescue arrived on the scene as 2nd due RIT. While on RIT assignment, 40 crew was put to work to assist with fire attack and overhaul. Time out was 1 hr 52 mins.

BOx 40-2 Structure Fire

12-26-17. At 0223 hrs box 40-2 was struck for a reported structure fire. Engine 40 responded with a crew of 3. Engine 40 laid in to side A and pulled the front bumper line. Tower 1 also took side A. Crew found a fire on the front porch. Crew extinguished the fire and checked for extension into the home and basement finding none. Time out was 36 mins.