Porch Fire Box 40-1

06-22-17  At 1301 hrs box 40-1 was struck for a structure fire.  Chief 401 went responding and was advised by Dauphin County 911 a fire on the rear 2nd floor porch.  The house is to be vacant.  Chief 401 and PD arrived on the scene at the same time to find a fire to the rear of the structure.  PD hit the fire with an extinguisher till arrival of Engine 49.  An 1 3/4 was put in service to knock down the rest of the fire.  Crews from Engine 40 and Tower 1 check checked the house and the attached house for extension into the homes finding just a smoke condition.  Crews put a PPV fan at the front door to remove the smoke.  Control was marked at the 16 minute mark.  Crews remained on the scene for a short time.  Total time out was 1 hr 11 mins.  Photo credit to DC Tinari.